Saturday, 14 May 2016

Triveni: A healer, lover and beyond!

I am not a lover, I may never be one, but this place which has been my mother, father, sister, brother, friend and the best lover since the past two years has surely healed my unhealed wounds. Those unflown tears and unacknowledged smiles that this place has seen and shared are priceless memories. My failures didn't hurt me that much, my success felt incomplete without sharing it with this place. To this place which made me a human being who can feel peace when there is a chaos all around. They say meditation brings peace, I say sitting on these stairs and with your earphones on and your favorite song on loop will heal, revive and rejuvenate you as never before. A glass of cold coffee while the sun blesses with you some warmth and light and the tree above that provides just the right amount of shade is a cure for any God damn problem.
Oh! The vibes are sinfully blissful here.
Yes! This was, is and shall always remain my favourite spot in the whole world. Favourite spot. Favourite place.

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