Wednesday, 25 May 2016

You will never know!

You will never know
How many sleepless nights
I spend just because
Our memories
Which I planned to cherish
Now haunt me.

You will never know
The hurricane in my chest
Which occurs every time
You shamelessly
Choose to ignore me

You will never know
How much I hate myself
For falling for you so hard
That I ended up
Forgetting how to get up
All by myself.

You will never know
Your worth and value
In my life because
For you I meant nothing
But you were the one who
Defined everything to and for me

You will never know
How broken I feel right now
Because you aren't there by my side
Or maybe you never were by my side
It was always me for you
And never vice versa

You will never know
The number of times
I question myself every damn day
For I have started doubting myself
In every field that I go to
Every dream that I ever saw
Now seems to be unreal

You will never know
How destroyed my faith is in
Love, bonds and forevers.
You made me believe in all that
And now I can't afford to believe all that
Because of the reason who made me believe
In all of that.

You will never know
You just won't.

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