Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Faith, love, magic!

You want to know what
Faith, magic, love
Looks, sounds like?
Just know that it
Doesn't look or sound
For it's not a mere mortal
Like you and me.

It's the power that
Has kept the Earth rotating
And our hearts beating
It's that version of oxygen
Which you and I can't define
But can't do without either.

It's the magic that your faith
Does to my inability to love
And be loved.

Dare you call it unreal
It may not be what your science
Can define
It may not be the essential
That your institution teaches
It still is in you.

Yes! You.
The one who wants to
Wish as soon as it
Sees a shooting star,
The one who wants to
Pause for a while at 11:11
The one who finds infinity
In your lovers eyes.

Magic, faith, love.
Eat, prey, repeat.
Aren't meaningless
They're just a combination
Of unexpressed emotions
And unacknowledged feelings.

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