Saturday, 22 April 2017

Let this pain be!

Tonight I don't want to
Get over this pain
The pain which is
Making every cell
Of my body scream.

Yes! I don't want it
To get over.
I want this pain
To kill the loner in me
The one which wants
Someone to listen.

It's high time this pain
Realises that the urge
For warmth especially during
The times of pain and trauma
Isn't the thing I can get it.

Yes, every cell is screaming
With every cell screaming
A part of heart is breaking
But, that doesn't mean
I get the licence to seek warmth.

All this pain and hurt and hollowness
Doesn't make me The nizam of Hyderabad
Who would have 100 people around
Just when I wanted
There's nobody.

I want this pain
To make the
Hopeful heart realise
The fact that
This hollowness, will stay.

The hollowness,
Hopefully, will leave
In a decade or more
But till then
This craving has to go.

And no,
There's nobody to be blamed, either
It's just me
And the power
I derive from the pain,

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