Monday, 10 April 2017

Out of love - 79!

Faith is a choice that you make,
If someone shreds it,
It's your bad,
You may choose to regret
Or deny,
As per your comfort
From crying over broken toys to now hiding tears over broken hearts, we just realised growing up was not difficult; it was and still is down right fatal.
There ain't a joke bigger, funnier and uglier than life.
Time can do nothing, but pass and change. Such a coward, time!
Past is not trash, it's just ash
In the end you survive because the survival needs you.
In life so hollow,
Is there any hope
That light may follow?
It doesn't hurt everyday,
It just pinches once in a while and
that's exactly when you realize,
that it has been there, throughout
and you had just chosen to not acknowledge it,
when it was giving subtle signals.
The thing is that they're all the same; just temporary and fake.
You know what?
Your heart didn't age
Your passion didn't die
And, that's exactly what your head can't handle.
Hence, the mess/ chaos!

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