Saturday, 15 April 2017

Ignorance, magic, gratitude!

If you're thinking
How often does your ignorance
Trouble me
Just know that it does
Every second.

Yes! Every second
I am thankful that now
It just hurts
And doesn't ache
That often.

Your blue ticks
Your seen notifications
Your constant updates
On Snapchat
And yet no replies
Have made me an artist.

For an artist
Consumes pain
Generates art
Magic and stardust.

It's okay,
You won't understand
For you aren't what I'm
I'm not what you're.

Since my love
For you is
As eternal as
It can possibly be.

And so,
I will always
Be grateful
For what we
Once were.

You then
Made me a lover
Today an artist
How do I hate you?

When you've
Just beenS different
Forms of magic
Even in the
Times so tragic.

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