Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Out of love - 37!

Teddy bear is a non living thing they said, didn't they know it was the only thing which helped her feel warm in the cold world  and her insomnia feared her teddy the most.
Allow me to have faith in light on those days when the sun forgets to shine
Let sleep kiss me the day it has abandoned the nightmares.
A stomped heart. A shredded soul. An okayish CV. 
life sounded good. Looked almost decent. But lost the ability to feel.
Pretend to hold me tight while I pretend to live and apparently breathe.
Every single moment spent with you is an ocean of memories which I cherish with each breath. 
I was pained then and hence there was some art, but today, I'm numb so there's neither pain nor art. 
No matter how hard you try somethings will always stick around the brim or soul.
Sharing silence while the green surrounds and the sun shines in all its glory is a feeling beyond peace
Allow the thread of art
To stitch your fragmented heart

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