Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Something is slipping!

Something is slipping
What? I don't know
How? I don't know
But, it is.
Very fiercely
And ruthlessly
Tearing me into
Infinite pieces.
The pieces
Which I won't
Be able to join
Reassembling self
Would just be impossible.

Shivering. Trembling. Panting.
Feeling almost shredded
Like losing
An unfought battle.
Feeling the pain
Of wounds that
Don't really exist
Or maybe fearing
That the wounds
To be
May become the scars
To be.

Hold me
Hold me tight
Very very tight
Till the time
I don't stop
Trembling and shivering.
Re assure me
That you will be
"Will be, ALWAYS"
To stop me
From slipping and sliding
At least
Just pretend
For sometime.

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