Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Just STOP!

Just when you are
About to think
Of what exactly you
Wish to think
I want you to

I want you to stop
At that very moment.

Just stop
Because, as you begin
To plan to think
You will somewhere
Get confused
And I don't want
You to be confused.

Stop, because
I don't want you
To doubt
Yourself, myself and ourselves.

We're lost,
Yes, we are
All of us,
Some willingly
Some, very willingly.

We're lost because
We crave to find ourselves
Every morning when we wake up
Every night when sleep
Doesn't kiss us, easily.

This tiring business
Of finding
Who, what, where, how
Is the reason I
Don't want to think.

In fact,
I don't want
Anyone to think,
This business is bad
It makes you question
Everything, everyone
Including yourself.

The kind of questions
Which will never get
An answer
Because, the moment
We think, we've got an answer
Will exactly be the moment
When we find a new question.

And in this quest
I might,
You might,
We might,
Forget to
Live, breathe and smile.

So, stop.
Thinking is just
Not worth it.
It never will be.
Just STOP.

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