Thursday, 4 August 2016

Out of love - 60!

In the end,
All we need is a
Little corner where
We can cry and smile
Without being judged.
It was a joke for you, but for me it was a mistake that gave me memories for a lifetime. The kind of memories I love to hate.
You think I love you
Ummm.... You aren't wrong,
But do you know
How worried I am about your smiles?
After losing you, I lost hope and faith in forevers!
The irony is, that you die every damn day, yet aren't declared dead during those days.
I love you and I will always keep my promise of being with you. And so they walked together, on parallel roads.
Promise keepers first, lovers next.
I almost believed
That, I couldn't do
Without you,
Until, you left
And I still managed
To survive!
I know you will come to me when there's nobody
Though, I never want you to be lonely in life
But, I can't stop craving for you either.
Can we fix this, please?
From being the reason behind my heartbeat to now being the reason why my heart is bleeding profusely, our bond had taken a turn. A turn that you and I never wanted. NEVER.
The heart, the soul, the mind. All gone.

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