Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Love: A rotten joke!

You call love
Blissful, right?
Ha! You might be
At bliss after
Finding, being, falling
In love
I certainly am not.

On the contrary,
It's one of those
Obnoxious feelings
Where I doubt myself
Hate myself for
Feeling it for someone else.

I know it's therapeutic
To have you by my side
But, it's been a while
To that healing and therapy
Now, it's all about
Endless waiting
And self cursing for
Falling for you.

That bliss, which you call
Makes my heart bleed
And, soul weep
But, I take it all
You know why?
Because, I love you
Much more than
I used to love myself.

You were therapy,
You still are,
But, these transitions
Are just not what
Both of us wanted.

Even, if I hate it
I still can't get over
The memories we've
The times we've
Spent, together.

Yes, it's obnoxious
And absolutely disgusting
To love, and live with a Utopia
Of being and feeling loved.

It's all a delusion.

Love is a delusion.
A rotten joke.
Something as sinful
As an oasis.

Damn. I have lived
With so much of
All this while.

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