Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Go off to sleep!

You tell me
I'm good for nothing,
Maybe to you I am,
Or maybe I really am
I don't give a damn
Do you know why?
Because, I refuse
I refuse to choose
What you want me
To choose, do and believe.

I am crazy,
Not a "crazy diamond"
Waiting to be polished
I'm a crazy piece
A piece of sins and flaws
For this is what accepts me
Willingly, without demanding
Unjust justifications.

I'm not art
I'm not an artist, either
Yet, what flows in me
Is a miraculous combination of
Art, dreams and magic.

Those patterns
That have made their
Space in my mind
Have left a vacuum
For your corporate aspirations
Which you want me to meet.

Huh! You won't understand
So, just let it be
Neither, are you changing
Not, am I
Just shut up
And, go off to sleep.

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