Monday, 29 August 2016


Are you contented
With your life?
Are you somewhere
Close to what they
Call as peace
And happiness?

If you are,
Rest assured, you haven't
Explored, either yourself
Or the world
If you aren't,
Then chase it
Chase it, till the
End of the universe.

You're always in that age
Where you can
Welcome new scars,
For adventures
In and with life
Never really end,
And, probably they shouldn't

And with adventures
Come the evidences
Of the adventures
Some call them
For the rest
It's a memoir of
The adventure.

There's always time
To find beauty
Within and around
Before you retire
With grace and glory.

You are fire,
I'm fire
We're fire
And that fire
Keeps us going,
Going till the end
And beyond.

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