Friday, 26 August 2016

3 am!

They are wrong
When they say
3am is meant for
Artists, dreamers and writers
Yes! They are wrong,
3 am is meant for, memories
The kind of memories
That you wish were moments
That you could
Live and re - live now.

3am is for emotions
The emotions that you
Want to suppress throughout
The day, yet crave for them
All the time
It's, that time when you
Give up and nobody watches you
It's an hour of acceptance.

The type of acceptance
That injures every bit of the heart
And scratches every inch of the soul.

A state where there is no one to go to
And probably that is why
Some choose to bleed on paper
Some on canvas
Some expect the moon to absorb
The blood that drips in the form of tears

3am is an hour
Which nobody wishes
To see and live
Yet, wait for it everyday
To come
For the love
Of accepting the
Fragments of the soul.

It's for the kind of artists
Who derive art from
Within, without and around.

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