Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Dance: A Crime?

I was at an event in Siri fort auditorium. One of my closest friend was the lead Bharatnatyam dancer in the event and trust me she danced really well. But after the event something really very shocking happened her mother came to the green room where we both were chatting and slapped her. She said " ye sab kya kaand kiya hai tumne", at that point only her dance teacher came and said " madam kya kar rahi hain, isne to jaan daaldi aaj" her mother didn't say anything and held her hand and went away.
Well, I am not shocked with this incident at all, just so use to this crap. I only have one doubt since when did dancing become a KAAND?
Huh! Indian parents and education system are just beyond me. World you are officially hopeless. Absolutely hopeless. 

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