Tuesday, 2 December 2014


I am not a language student technically,  but I love exploring new languages everyday.  I feel languages themselves have their own sweet world. Each language has it's own beauty. For example: punjabi automatically creates a very lively mood whereas Urdu is a very composed language very soft and mild language.  Each language has it's own beauty and nature.
But what I feel these days is accent is given more importance than the actual language. For some it is a status symbol, like speaking Hindi or any other language in British or American accent seems to be the new cool. One must realise every language or for that matter even dialects have their own identity. Love the language the way it is because nobody enjoys when someone fiddles with their identity.
The moment you think or start believing in the identity and the fragrance of every language you will be exposed to a whole new world. Where the only aim is to keep the spirit and the love for word alive. That moment will be one of the finest moment you will ever experience.

Live,  love and read! :D

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