Saturday, 27 December 2014

Folk Music!

Though the concept of folk music is a bit endangered today, it is still the best form to reach the masses. This variety of music is not based on any technical or practical knowledge of music yet is the most satisfactory form of music. People share their bit of sadness, happiness and probably many other feelings which I don’t know. These songs are usually sung in regional languages or dialects. Accompanying instruments are usually local instruments, utensils that are often converted into instruments and the best accompaniment is the claps of people who sing along. The beauty of folk music is not publicised the way it should be, maybe because it is not meant to make money, it is just meant to make people sit together and share.
If not implement folk music let's adopt it's spirit that is sit, share and live life.

Sing. Relax and Smile!!! :) :D

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