Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Humanity: A myth?

It seems that something is wrong with 16th December.  In 2012 it was the brutal gang rape and in 2014 it was the horrific attack in a school in Peshawar. Of course! the date is not to be blamed, it is the dying spirit of humanity that leads to such incidents.
As per various reports 132 children were shot dead and more than 400 student got injured. Sources reveal that this happened in the name of RELIGION. I am quite sure Allah wont be happy seeing those small coffins.  I don't really understand which holy book teaches terrorisim. I was taught to love human race  in school but as I grew up I was unfortunately exposed to all the complications this world had and still has. Honour killings, rape, murders have become normal incidents now. They aren't even the part of the front page of our newspapers. But this does not mean that these things dont exisit. Some people in order to condemn the deeds done by terrorists, rapists etc, compare them with animals. But what i strongly believe is animals are much better than these human beings. Comparing such inhuman human beings with innocent animals is an insult to the animal kingdom. Has anyone ever heard animals fight over religion? have you ever heard of rape cases in animal kingdom? NO! and that is the reason why today animals are more sophisticated and cultured as compared to human beings.
My faith on humanity is shaking or rather trembeling maybe because i know humanity will soon be a myth!


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