Sunday, 21 December 2014


The world is not a very pleasant place now, well......this sounds a bit pesimistic so I'll rephrase it, world is not a very happy place. Today people believe in capturing moments rather than living them and earning has become more important than learning. Life has become a robotic schedule now. Seems lives are being programmed to get the best results. You study, earn and die. A simple yet rotten schedule that human units follow. Out of all the mess capitalisim has created, the level of disgust education system has induced their is still something which keeps me going and that is the SKY above.
This may sound a bit wierd, but I find the sky really very serene and peaceful. I dont know what attracts me towards it but whenever I am stressed or a bit nervous I just look at the sky above and I can feel something soothing. The blue beauty above has a mesmirising charm. The sun shines and the moon smiles. The stars twinkle and the clouds mingle with the gorgeousness of the sky.
I have asked myself a couple of times that what is their in the sky which makes me smile, the only reply my heart gave was "It gives you a reason to smile, so stop questioning for a change, stare the sky and keep smiling". Well, this is a legitimate reason, the world is as it is reducing reasons to smile so if sky is giving me a reason to smile, so why should I let it go?
 I thought I had brains which usually answered my questions but off late I realised my heart was wiser than my mind. Maybe, that is why people always say that listen to your heart and you shall never go wrong in life.
Hence, from now on after a tiring day just look at the sky for two minutes with a chocolate for best results and you shall realise what calmness is!!!!!!!! :D

Look, Believe, Smile!!! :) :D

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