Monday, 24 August 2015

Finding happiness!

Opening random doors
Fiddling with sealed windows
Checking your pockets
Looking, restlessly
Here and there
In and out
Up and down
Again and again

Did you find it?

I don't think so
You're looking
For it at wrong places
It's in you.
Yes! YOU

Pause for a while
Appreciate the gorgeousness
Praise your body
For that is a piece of art
Love your soul
It is the reason
Behind your artistic existence
Don't you feel
Pretty now?

Focus on your breath
Watch and feel
How naturally
Yet magically
You breathe
The awesomeness
That you inhale
Your aura of love
That you exhale
Spreading and sending
Love to every being
Don't you feel
Grateful and humble now?

Have you found it now??

I think you have
The one who
Appreciates and loves self
Is the one
Who is always


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