Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Me talk!

My name is Devyani Srivastava. I am a girl and I am 19 years old. The kind of fancy introduction that the hosts or the anchors have generouslly given to me is not what I am. I am not even half as great as what they have made me in less than 10 mins. I am not a saviour, nor a manager, nor an artist. I am just another student like you. Yes! just another student.

I have been told to talk about something which I have no clue about i.e. "Art and healing". I am neither an artist nor a healer. I am one of those who don't even know how to comb their hair properly! And talking about such a heavy topic seems to be some rocket science for me.
According to the protocol I have to give you a brief introduction about myself and therefore I will tell you something about myself. I am a final year under graduate student on record and as per people's perception I am still a 11th grade student. I did my schooling from a good, expensive and a kind of posh school which taught me how to hate studying and the education system. I was a weak English student during the 14 years of my school life. This doesnot imply that I was brilliant with other subjects. This just implies that I did not score marks in English as expected. And in other subjects I never expected marks because I knew I was abnormally bad with them. I have learnt tabla formally. My parents had invested a good amount in my painting class so that I could draw my biology diagrams well, but alas my drawing painting and  sketching abilites still suck. All i can do is colour! (in case that makes a difference). I had a very weird board result. My parents think it was a good one and I think it sucked. So, therefore i call it weird neither good nor bad.
I am pursuing a course which I never wanted to, in a college which is again very okayish according to various surveys.

Coming to my college life. Let me tell you that my college has been the best thing that has happened to me ever. In two years that I have spent in my college I have almost done everything except attending classes. My classroom is a boring place with a supremly boring blackboard and abnormally boring subjects, so I decide to absttain from it. When I joined college 75% attendance was compulsory and for me spending 75 seconds in my class was a torture, So I thought of ways to get attendance officially without attending those monotonous lectures and i fortunately found out a way.That way was to participate in competitions representing my college. I started participating in each and every event that happened in DU and other universities as luck would have it I won some of them too! Soon I became the known face of my college and my demand increased.

Next comes my personal life. I sleep with my teddies namely Softu and Snigu. Yes! I really do that. I hug both of them and then sleep. I am a naughty kid who calls up her Mausi at 11pm to try weird pranks and tease her just like that. I fight with my sister more than a lot because I love it when she screams and her nose turns red and swells a bit.

Ummm.....I think that's all about me.

Finally, coming to the topic that is "Art and healing".
For me art is something which resides within and comes out only when you want to heal yourself. For example the best of poems qand plays were written when the writer was either sad, depressed or heart broken. Tandav which is considered the most complicated and difficult art form was introduced by Lord Shiva. He performed this dance when he felt extremely angry. And I think he too used dance as an outlet to express anger.
Whenever I am extremely sad or angry I either play tabla or casio or I simply write what I feel.
I think art is the best form of therapy to heal yourself. It kind of silences the noise in your head, stops that cyclonish feeling in your chest and most importantly helps you calm down. All those doctors who recommend various drugs to help you ease and relax you are nothing but money extracting devices.
Link yourself with any form of art and you shall never need an asprin!
For me art is healing, For it has helped me heal always.
Therefore, Don't love art instead live it!

Thank you


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