Saturday, 29 August 2015

Happy Rakshabandhan!

As I look back, there is a flashback of something beyond memories. I can feel hugs and kisses,  those books with a message which I never read but have kept very nicely in my book rack and the list of things and emotions is endless. This bond is probably the only bond which has given me the freedom to JUST BE, unadulterated and natural me. They say bonds bound you but this bond has helped or rather made me realise what I really am.
A relationship which can't be expressed in words, a bond which can't be described, a friendship which is beyond it's definition and most importantly the faith which is unsaid yet very well known. 
From you being a healer, therapist, listener and of course the rescue person that I know to being THE only person who I know has faith in me that I will make it big one day and my dreams are not fantasies but the reality in the making.
As I write this I can see everything with that sepia filter. These memories are old, yet so fresh, there is a thin layer of dust on them which signifies that 19 years is a lot, and this dust is an eye witness of the times we have spent together.
It's almost impossible to imagine a perfect brother because I have never known what a perfect brother is like. No book defines that, even if some good book did; I am sure I wouldn't have read that (you know why). But i have surely known what a loving brother is like.
You have known me since 1996 and I have seen pictures that prove you have me loved me since then and that proves you are my loving brother, though I know I dont need these photographers to prove this fact but since we belong to a family of lawyers I thought I shouldn't break a lawyer's conduct and hence my statement was backed up with evidences.
Since, this rakshabandhan I miss tying rakhi on your wrist and of course receiving a gift in return. Here's a huge hug EXCLUSIVELY for you.
Lots of love!
Happy Rakshabandhan Bhaiya!

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