Thursday, 27 August 2015

Our universe!

Dripping taps
Leaking flush tanks
Overflowing drains
And much more
Wasting water
Yet guiltlessly.

And here
I stand
Guilty without
Any acquisition
Of crime.

Criminals moving
Freely like
A wanderer
As if the world
Belongs to them
And dreamers
Accuse themselves
Of nothingness
And feel guilty
About it.

For us
Universe is ours
For them
What in hand
Is all that
They own.
Yes! We own
Every bit
Of the universe
For it has
Helped us exist
The stars
The moon
The ocean
The grass
Everything is ours
We love them
For what they are
The way they are
And natural.

When you waste
A part of it
A part of us dies
A part of us cries
Use it. Judiciously
It's like our baby
We care for it truly.

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