Saturday, 1 August 2015


I'm a mad being
Who believes without seeing
Of a parallel universe
Without realising
And accepting
The real world.

Seeing things
Taking decisions
Following instructions
As per mind
Wanting to live life
With all my heart

A mad being
Who wants an identity
By killing originality
Maybe, because
Original is scary
And rare.

I believe in love
But I don't see it
Yet I agree
And do things
According to my eyes
Instead of heart.

Bluffing and fooling myself
That I have a soul
To which I wish to listen
Very truly
But then I don't
Because time
And the urge to climb
Won't let me do that

I am a mad being
Because I believe
What I don't see
But function
According to my eyes

Yes! I
Contradict and assassinate
The soul within
Because the I knows
That ME can't rise
With soul's insanity
It needs mind's reality
To be successful

And success
Belongs to
The fake MAD
The real MAD
Is happy with
It's soul's insanity
It doesn't need
Petty successful pleasures

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