Thursday, 6 August 2015

Rain that taught!

As I stand
In the rain
I can feel
The stream of water
Tapping my head.

I can feel
The negative fumes
As my head soaks
The stream of water.

It falls on
My head
With a constant speed
Without any breaks
Making me feel
Easy and calm.

I can't feel anything
Neither my heart beat
Nor my breath
My mind is blank
All I know is
That water is
Guiding me.

It feels as if
An angel
Has put it's
Hand on my head
And is probably saying
"Don't you worry child heaven's gotta plan for you"
I feel numb
Yet calm.

I have no
Clue about what
Time it is
What should I be doing
All I do is
Enjoy the rain
That is blessing me.

Being drenched
Has never been
So relaxing
My clothes are wet
And so are my floaters
It seems my
Head is filled with water
But still it feels light.

Oh rain!
You've taught me
To live the moment
And I shall
Remain indebted
To you for this
Teaching of yours.

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