Saturday, 16 April 2016

You know what?

You know what?
You'll never have to worry
For all your troubles will be
Mine first and yours next.

I'll take care of you
I'll love you
Selflessly and shamelessly
For you are my little infinity.

Our beautiful nights
In which we had cursed
The God damn light
For our unrealistic dreams
Belonged to the soothing dark
Which had its own spark

Remember our conversations?
The ones in which we
Healed each other
Unknowingly and gorgeously

Our fights, our smiles
Our notorious delights
Our little blasts
From our incredible past

Is it all gone?
Or has it vanished
In some suffocating
Thin air?

I want you
I need you
And above all
I love you

You may or may not
Be mine
But don't forget
To shine.

I'll wish for your smiles
For your smiles
Are the ones
Which make me smile.

Stay happy
Stay cool
Don't waste your
Time on this fool.

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