Friday, 22 April 2016

Out of love - 49!

When your scalp smells of sweat, your body screams for sleep yet you have a contented smile on your face that is the moment when you realise you are in love. In love with what you do!
Neither are you
Letting out
Nor am I
Both of us
Are pretending to live
As we die.
You meant magic to me but now you're the reason why I'm losing my faith in magic itself.
With every dance move
She lived a hundred smiles
And looked forward to a million miles.
Over thinking is a by product of love.
I'm a rock, and hence I shall stand where you left me and the way you left me.
All that she ever carried with her was a bag of hopes and a suitcase of memories.
Promised to try till death, unfortunately the spirit of trial died before her.
Understanding may or may not take time, but acceptance surely does.
It's one of those times
Yet again,
When my eyes want to
Shut down its shutter
My mind just wouldn't get rid
Of its shitty clutter.

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