Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Out of love - 48!

Her tears were like acid to my soul.
Friends sat together after ages to chill and relax, ended up sleeping in each others lap, with the most serene smiles on their faces.
Set me free
Let me be
Wild, mad and unique.
Tried to build a wall amongst themselves didn't realise that both sides of the wall had graffiti made of memories.
Cracked the biggest business deal in town as business partners but the essence of their friendship was lost. Didn't know whether they failed or succeeded.
All I ever wanted was a tinch of attention from you, but you as usual had better things to do.
I don't fear explosion, but I fear to explode because of you for my love will get scattered and that will shatter me beyond bits.
All she ever craved was for someone who'd listen to her silence and talk to her eyes.
It takes courage to maintain faith in an era where fake is worshipped.
Back then you ignored, I felt hurt.
Gradually got used to the hurt and hence became numb.
Today when you come to me I should technically jump with joy but I don't because I can't as I'm numb already.

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