Saturday, 30 April 2016

Out of love - 50!

On some not so fine days, I find solace in my numbness.
She told me she needed me and I realised that life was a little more than just breathing.
I was not lost, I was un-acknowledged.
After its gone, things change but an essence of emptiness always stays.
Let's not fool each other
Let's not promise
An unreal forever
Our bond was a phase
And phases aren't meant
To last till eternity.
Either ignore me once and for all or just don't ever think about it. This thing in between is very tiring.
Definitions and meanings have always curbed freedom of imagination.
Most of the time, when I ask you questions I seek re - assurance more than any answer.
The glow in her eyes would heal a million bruises and wipe a zillion tears.
"Ignorance is bliss", said an ignored soul who wanted the world to know how strong it was, even after its soul was shredded into infinite pieces.

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