Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Fight to escape!

I know death
Looks attractive to you
For it'll all be
For once and for all
Without those temporary
Patches of white and all.

I know you're
A fighter and an escapist
You'll fight for life
And escape the fear of life.

Those shades of grey
That choke and suffocate you
Are your lovers
The ones who never leave your side
For  they have been your
Constants all this

Let's kill the ultimate death
And die a bit everyday
Too see the sun shine
And feel a little divine
Let's make a combination
Of life and death
Where you breath a little
And a screech bit too.

Feel the phases
All of them
The good
The bad
The ugly
And see the
Naughty moon laugh
At all of them.

Close your eyes
Open your soul
Don't be a spoil sport.

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