Friday, 8 April 2016


I love reading
Our old conversations.
The conversations in
Which you have
Ignored and hated me.

Our conversations
Which were often one sided
For I was desperate
To have you
Very  desperate, rather
But, you ignored me
You still do
But now I think
I am a little used to.

I didn't get you
I may never get you
Maybe you deserve
Someone better than me
For I am a piece of
Trash for you, already.

All I ever wished
And wanted was
Your happiness.
I still wish the same
Only if you could
Try and understand a bit.

I wish for your smiles
And a life as
Peaceful as the
Morning sky.
May your obstacles
Be mine
And you lead
A life
Incredibly divine.

You may not share
Your joys with me
But remember that
I'm there to help you
And be with you
During your days of

From nothingness to
Being acknowledged as
I've learned to smile
During the tough times.

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