Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Out of love - 47!

Do you dare to revive me from my numbness?
For me she almost meant everything, to her I maybe inexistent.
In the quest to heal each other and to ensure a little bit of light in each others life their souls healed, unknowingly yet beautifully.
In the end all we do is stitch our fragments to probably re assemble something similar to our soul.
Spoke to each other after quite sometime only to realise how beautifully and maturely the bud of the bond had blossomed into a flower.
Infinity and magic are matters of faith solely. 
A little essence of you around me is all I need.
 She was brave and so she pretend to smile while sitting next to her grave. 
I crave to miss the memories that you and I would have created together, only if we could ever be together. 
Symmetrical patterns, 
chaotic minds,
confused soul
a feeling so divine. 

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