Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Out of love - 72!

We're not lovers,
Who believe in utopian for forevers
We're brothers,
Who define an always, together.
Only if you knew, how much I loved the we in us.
I can't write anymore
I can't paint anymore
It's all because
The pieces of my heart
Have forgotten to hurt anymore.
It's all numb, black and void
Dear 2017,
Please heal the places where light can't reach.
When life gives you lemons, just throw them in the bin. You aren't supposed to deal or take everything life gives you!
The years changed, but my 11:11 wish didn't.
The synchronization between blue ticks and my 11:11 wish, keeps my art and an almost stitched heart, alive.
Wounds and scars are just evidences of the chapters one writes in the book called life.
If it requires articulation it can be anything except love.
You don't owe it to anyone, it's love not an apology!

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