Thursday, 5 January 2017


There is something
Strange and special
About this thing called

I want it, you want it
But, we can't rear it
Can't nurture it
It needs to expire with childhood, you know.

Innocence is kiddish, they say
But, it's exactly what they crave for

That thing which hides in the eye
And makes it glow sometimes
Is innocence within you, within me
But, we have to hide it
Because, we are all adults
The ones who have to make money
Win corporate races.

Imagine, we lose sleep
Some shed some tears
Some just die within
But, nonetheless we will not accept
Because, c'mon we aren't innocent fools
Who would just be, what we are.

It's all about winning and coming first
And not about laughing and sharing
Yes, dear adulthood you won
And innocence gave up.

Or maybe innocence didn't give up
It just forgot to realise
That it had a race to win
Might be strolling somewhere within.

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