Friday, 20 January 2017

Run to run away!

All said and done
On the verge of finish line
I begin to run,
Run away from it
For ends have never been
A pleasant affair,
Accomplishments have never
Been what I dreamed to own.

In the race that was about
To end, I chose to un-finish it
Just before THE END.

I'm not an artist
I'm not what you see
I'm just a combination of
Dust and particles
That you've chosen to un-see.

The end, will not complete it
It will just finish it
Finish it before
I can even think about
How to cherish it
And so,
I choose to
Un-learn, Un-run
And most importantly
To un-finish.

What is finished is gone
Let's keep the unfinished
For a little long?
So that there is time to
Breathe, ease, smile and repeat.

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