Monday, 9 January 2017

Dear Lover!

I wanted to tell you
But, I didn't
Maybe because I couldn't
You'd wonder what's the difference
But, rest assured you'll never
Never ever know it.

You'll never know how much
I hate to see you fall in love,
You fall, I injure.
Yes, even when I know
You've fallen for me
I feel injured.

Because, I've hated the element
Of fall in your life
I want you to fly high
Rise and shine
And even if it means giving up on us
I still will wish the same.

I've wanted your smiles
More than the urge
For you to be mine
I value your efforts
But, I value your passion; first.

If need be ignore me,
My heart will bleed
But still go on until you succeed.

I will stitch my heart
I will gather my strength and survive
But, you my dear need not compromise.

Wherever you go
Whenever you go
Just know that you'll always
Be my go to.

May you smile and shine
And feel divine
For you are the light
That makes me feel my shine.

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