Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Light will heal!

Your pieces that you embrace
Along with the sharp edges
That you acknowledge with grace
That makes me feel proud of you.

Yes, You the one reading it
And assuming this is not for you.
Rest assured, this is exactly for you
Yes, yes YOU.

Your stitches are your pride
For they are the places where
Light and the vibe enter
And heal what deserves to be.

I'm not sympathising
I never will
I am not standing with you
I can't, always.

I am just letting you know
That light will heal and deal
With places that are dark and void
Neither can I nor can you be healers.

But, we can and we should
Embrace the power of light
Which heals, tirelessly and selflessly

Maybe, in the end that's all we need.

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