Saturday, 28 January 2017

Out of love - 74!

If it bleeds let it, the problem only arises when it clots. Stagnation has never been good, in any way or form.
"Once" is a very painful combination of letters and a very heavy bunch of unarticulated and void and tears.
You know, nothing can ever change between us.
I'll always be your crazy lover and you'll ignore me as usual.
Now that you are gone
Don't come back
Atleast, keep this forever
For forever.
Don't stand for people who don't value your feet.
We aren't short of time, we're just short of a little life.
I always knew
The ink with which
You wrote letters
Was either blood, or tears.
Forget all the heaven and hell, your eyes are my solace!!
Accept and embrace,
Smiles and scars
Equally and whole heartedly.
The then dreams are nightmares of, today. 

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