Monday, 23 January 2017

Women and artists!

I call every girl
A warrior
I call every artist
A warrior
I do, because I know
It takes courage
To stand with and by
For what you are
For what you feel
For what you believe.

It takes perseverance
To fight the battles
Everyday and not let
The thought of giving up
Come your way.

It's not a once in a while affair
For us, women and artists
It's a routine,
A way of life.

Smashing patriarchy
Fighting misogyny
Loving the spirit of expression
Is not something that
Those on borders do
It's women and artists
Who choose to fight against them
Not to prove something or someone
Right or wrong.

It's just them who know
What it takes to stand
Strong and firm
No matter how many
People, cultures
Try to pull them down.

Yes, the struggle is real
The battle fought everyday
A hundred wounds ignored daily
Are evidences of us being warriors.

You may not call us warriors,
Maybe because you may not
Have the strength and courage
To embrace the battles we've
Fought and won.

It's okay,
We shall fight
Till our last breaths
And in spirits after death.

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