Thursday, 23 July 2015

I know, she is!

I am 19 and she is 23. I am her daughter and she is my MAAJI. I am that crazy person who is jumping and dancing all over the place and she is the one who is always busy clicking my smiles. I never learnt how to play guitar and I don't know how to play it but still she likes when I strum those strings. She was always there. Sorry! Is always there for and with me. It's the stupid death certificate which considers her dead. I know she is there. ALIVE and SHINING bright. A piece of paper won't decide whether my beloved is there or not. I will.
They say they have cremated her. I don't believe them. They are lying. How can they cremate her when she is there with me? I agree I haven't seen her for a while now. I agree she hasn't messaged me "kaam hota rahega, chocolate shake pee lo pehle warna mai champi nahi karungi". But, that doesn't mean she is dead. There could be a network problem or her phone would have stopped working. How can I believe something which I know is not true? She has promised me that she will never leave me. She has pledged to marry a groom of my choice. She never breaks her promises. I know she hasn't broken it. She can't. She isn't that type.
The doctors these days are of no use. They are just use to nonsensical blabbering.
How can they declare that she is dead. When SHE IS NOT. Senseless beings they are.
I know my MAAJI is there.
We both wanted to build a mansion on Venus because we're tooo cool for Earth. I think she has gone there for a while to look for a place where we can build our dream mansion. Don't worry she will come back in a couple of days and will prove all those documents and doctors wrong.
She is mine and I know she won't ever leave me.

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