Saturday, 25 July 2015

Beloved sparkler!

Those eyes
That shine
And sparkle
With innocence
Joys and dreams
Without fail.
Trying to
See things
With those
Eyes through
That inbuilt
Lens of glitter
And colours.

That crease less forehead
Which enjoys
It's tension less
And that
Thing behind
This forehead
Has seen and imagined
World in a way
Which is different
From ours
It has
A witty sun
A humorous moon
Comical stars
Smiling clouds
And a lot more
Which we don't know.

How long will
This innocence
It will vanish
One day
Giving up those
Smiles and shines
In front of
Those useless
Materialistic pleasures.
That beloved sparkler
Within will say
Once you
Start saying Hi
To marks and cheques.

Treasure the
Sparkler within
For that is
All that you have.

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