Tuesday, 21 July 2015

RIP Harshi di!

As tears trickle down my eyes and i try to believe that I wont be able to see you again this creepy greyish red slimy fist size thing in the left of my body simply refuses to accept that you are no more.
It is always cool to have some really cool seniors around you but then there is something way beyond that coolness thing to have you. I know your struggle for every breath must have been very painful, each drop of chemotherapy would have made you scream for death but then the world knows you are a fighter and trust me you fought very gracefully. I dont know whether I should be happy for you or be devasted for this loss. It's a tough choice, you see.
From being a senior to my MAAJI who would text me 10 times a days only to ensure that I had my meals in time then being my doctor on call who would go mad for my crazy back aches and most importantly for being a friend who would always be there. I am quite sure that the ECG machine which showed that wretched straight line at 03:59 am would have felt ashamed of itself.
But then I know you are in a better place with hopefully some lesser pain. I know you are shining bright as always. I know you love me. And, I know you are there for me like always. Though I will take sometime or maybe eternity to believe that I won't be able to see and hug you again. But then as you put it acceptance is an art which no one ever mastered and I think I am no exception.
Rest in peace you!
I love you, maaji.
(12.October.1991 - 21.July.2015)

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