Sunday, 5 July 2015

It's okay!

I have never claimed to be a good artist because i know i am not one. I pursue art to make myself comfortable in this world which in my opinion is not a very nice place. I proudly confess that i have taken a lot of help from colours and musical notes just to ensure that i dont let the human inside me die. I have seen and felt the human in me die just because of some stupid competitions, marks , increasing suicide rates and some other reasons which my brain refuses to recall.
I believed or rather want to believe that I am a unit and not a being but unfortunately that slimy greyish red fist size thing inside my body refuses to accept this. Yes! you are allowed to blame me for that. Afterall, it's my fault, you see. I should have known that I should do things which make you happy because I am a mere unit or maybe a machine who is supposed to satisfy it's operator or owner. You must have felt happy after destroying what I made with love and passion. And i am glad that atleast this destruction has given you happiness. far as i am concerned I will again try fooling myself by saying that it doesnt matter or its okay. Dont worry I will figure out ways to deviate my head.
You stay happy!
With love and hugs!

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