Thursday, 2 July 2015

Best friend!

An online youth magazine asked me to describe my best friend in less than five words. My  words were "Sabse acche Lalit Mausaji". I received a reply which said "Ma'am, we think you've sent us the wrong statement". I reverted saying "I've sent you the right email." After 45 mins I recieved a call from the editor asking me if I could elaborate on what I basically meant by these 4 words. I agreed to his request and wrote a short article on my best friend.
  My best friend has known me since the day I was born or maybe even before that. I didn't know what "best friend" exactly meant but I knew I already had a best friend. Then came the phase where best friends were considered a style statement which basically meant that number of best friends you had would be directly proportional to your coolness quotient. I was pretty shy and timid then unlike today as a result I only had one best friend. After that an era where you would write your first invitation card for your best friend and probably attach an extra chocolate to it. Well, I never did that because my best friend stayed in the financial capital and I resided in the country's capital. And then we finally reached an era where you had a million selfies with your best friend and would probably post one on Facebook everyday with "BFF quotes" get 100 likes and be happy about your well edited picture getting famous.
Trust me I haven't done anything of that sort with my best friend maybe because I don't have best friendS I just have one best friend. I don't have to impress a bunch of photogenic best friends by posting quotes and captions.
My best friend has seen me cry and smile. He has wiped my tears and made me smile. At times he was the reason behind my smile. He has seen my highs and lows but he still stands with me firm and solid like a rock. His love is not proportional to how well I score academically or how many certificates I have in my file. Unlike the so called bffs these days who are more concerned about your CV more than you.
He has guided me, he has partied with me, he has played with me, he has helped me be a compassionate being before a successful being and the list is inexhaustible.
Have your 100 best friends done that???
My best friend has given me advices without curbing my freedom to make the ultimate decision. He's not like the usual best friends who leave you if you don't do as they command. He's never been a commander, he's been a guide and a mentor along with being the best best friend possible.
I have never tied a friendship band on his wrist because I feel that I can't celebrate this bond in a single day with an archies band. I have lived and loved this friendship every moment of my life and I refuse to celebrate it in a day. I 've celebrated my life because of him. A days celebration lacks the ability to express love and gratitude towards this bond.
I don't call him up every night to say I love you or I am there or some other regular dialogue which I may not know. He doesn't do that either. We both know we love each other and we are best friends till eternity. I don't fear to lose him and maybe that is why I abstain from such comical portrayal of pseudo love. We don't need a legal document to validate our bond, you see.
My best friend has been one of the very few constants in my 19 year old existence.
And I treasure him for being there.
Needless to say he has been my inspiration and motivation to make the world a better place. A place where love prevails, smile resides and dreams rule.
I could go on and on and probably write volumes about this bond but as of now the world lacks the ability to appreciate such selfless bonds so I think I'll stop with this evergreen quote "Sabse acche Lalit Mausaji".

Hugs to the universe.
Love to each and every soul .
Luck & light to fellow humans and animals.
Stay blessed!
Cheers! :)

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