Friday, 10 July 2015

Humans without humanity!

I meet these two little immensely cute girls namely Laxmi and Anjali quite often as they usually sell flowers outside my college. Trust me they are one of the happiest and brightest souls I've come across. But yesterday, something really very shocking happened. There was a woman who was standing near the petrol pump beside our college . One of these girl's namely Anjali approached her for selling flowers. She was basically trying to use her convincing skills in order to sell her flowers. This lady shamelessly pushed Anjali away as if she was a honey bee trying to sting her. Little Anjali fell on her back and without uttering a word picked up her flowers and went away. I was standing near by so I rushed to help the little one. When I asked the woman what exactly was the need to push Anjali she replied "Tumko isse kya matlab" well this made me really furious and we both had a heated argument with each other. She wasn't sorry for pushing a little kid moreover she didn't even give a damn about Anjali's injured back.
On the other hand Anjali surprised me too. She didn't utter a word nor did she cry. She just went away.
I understand that this lady didn't want to buy flowers from her. Which is okay. That's absolutely an individual's choice. But then there are better ways to say NO.
Is this not violation of the very concept of humanity? As it is it is really unfortunate that her childhood has been slaughtered and she unfortunately has to sell flowers to earn or contribute for her living.
When I and most of you who are reading this were in the same age we used to play and go to school. We had enough food to eat. Infact we were given options to choose what we wanted to eat. These girls are under nourished they can hardly manage a single meal in 24 hours,  they cross busy roads all by themselves, hoping that they might earn something.
I wonder what are these child rights organizations doing.
And let me remind you Lodhi road is one of the really posh areas in Delhi and this incident happened there. 3 policemen were also standing but didn't move an inch to help the poor child. Maybe because it's not their job. So called humans who were present there were probably too busy to help either.
I'm sorry but it's not possible for me to LET GO something like this.

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