Friday, 15 July 2016

I love you!

I love you,
You may
May not
I still
Love you.

I love you
With all the
Passion, aggression
Madness, craziness
And most importantly
With utmost shamelessness.

I love you
Despite of all the
Ignorance and arrogance.
You hurt me,
With that
And I like a fool
Find myself
In pieces
Every time
After you do that.

I love you
With all my
Heart and soul,
The heart that
You break
Time and again
And the soul
Which craves
For you
All the time.

I love you
I am an idiot
An idiot
Of the highest order.
The one who runs
After you,
Just because it
Can't see you
Fall all alone.

I love you
I just do.
And I am
Guilty as charged
For this crime.

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