Monday, 11 July 2016

Out of love - 58!

You know what, my only problem is that my ultimate solution to all problems is you!
I can share you with everyone except them, sorrows.
Praying is just a sophisticated form of begging. That's how elite people put their bowl of emptiness forward.
I have the courage to see you smile without me, but I don't and will never have the courage to see you not smiling.
It takes courage to smile and weep, in a world where the concept of emotions is  endangered.
From let's change the world and stuff, to just let it be. We had either tasted a portion of reality or honesty had hit us really hard.
Lack of colors, inability of words and silly expressions. That is the kind of  mess that flows within me.  EVERYDAY.
You can't emerge out of something until and unless you immerse yourself in something. Emergence is a by product of immersion. 
It's the night which keeps the artist in me alive. When the sky is all black my soul feels well lit!
I've seen the moonset, I know what losing serenity and beginning of hope look like.

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