Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Out of love - 59!

I am waiting for those grey ticks to turn blue again, so that I'm officially back to my pieces and from there I can restart building myself, yet again.
If I ever say I am not waiting for you, just put a mirror in front of me. I will automatically confront that pretentious me!
You are my priority just because I made you one. Simple.
Step by step
Minute by minute
I will climb the
That takes me
Closer to my dreams
Sometimes denial is divine, really.
I have left that place,
Where evidences of
Your memories resided.
What do I do
With the traces
Of them
Which keep
Haunting me
All day?
I keep silent when you ignore me loud and clear, just because I care more about your ego and less about my heart break.
Whenever you have a choice between magic & mind. Choose magic. Mind is wicked, anyway.
The unslept, and almost unwept nights, that I have spent, waiting for you, have actually made me realise how beautiful it is to mean nothing to what means everything to you.
Chat archived. Contact hidden. Photos deleted. Yet, prayers were always done to keep its smile intact. But, they thought she had moved on. 

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