Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Out of love - 57!

Don't flow aimlessly, maintain that line of difference between yourself and a river. Create a path and move. Flowing is outdated, anyway.
I have never fallen for you, it is just that I have always prayed for your smiles. Does that mean I love you?
Of course! Our relationship went to the next level. From being ignored, to now being totally ignored, it sure had progressed a lot.
Memories and trash, if not disposed off properly either stink or create a mess.
I don't know how hazardous a half literate brain is. But, those eyes which clearly show how broken or messed up your soul is, are beyond hear wrenching. Really.
An unkept promise, a broken heart and the widest smile possible. Who said Iron man was unreal?
Even if this, scratches your soul,
It ain't changing, rest assure.
Phases shall pass as, always
But them, feelings will pounce,
Anywhere, anytime, anyway.
From not being able to keep those often made, loud promises to now keeping unsaid promises, our bond graduated from acquaintances to friends.
I will certainly find a reason to breathe, but will I be able to smile without you?

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