Sunday, 3 May 2015

An assignment on love! :P

Name: Devyani Srivastava
Roll No: 13/26036
Course: History (H)/ Sem: IV, Sec: A
Topic: Idea Of Love
Submitted to: Ms. Shruti Aarohi
Whenever I hug a person i feel secure, it feels as if for few seconds somebody is there. which intern leads you to feel safe and secure, seems as if someone has poured cold water on your burnt soul. When i kiss someone there is always this feeling of trust which makes me believe even if the world is anti me the person who is kissing me still loves me or at least shows that he/she loves me . This factor keeps me away from feeling unloved. it helps me in hating myself a little less than what I already do. When i say 'i love you', I can see a shine in that person's/animal's eyes. Its a very unusual yet a very calm and peaceful shine in their eyes. Its in the retina....Its something which i wont be articulate in words but i can feel it and see it very strongly. when i tell a person you are mine they have an abnormally wide grin on their face which gives me a valid and a substantive reason to smile too.
One of my mentors used to say " Love is a religion which belongs to every body, but is preached by very few. If you want to help the world, make it a better plac then love every being who resides on it"
My favourite person once told me " People are delued and at times they may not understand you very well but then that doesnot mean that you stop being what you are. you must follow your heart no matter what"

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